DIY Glowing Resin Shelves


Damn this is fucking dope!!!

Fuckin sick of this bullshit drama at work. Fuck this job, gonna milk enough money out of it til I’m out of debt and get the fuck out of there ASAP. Pays well but putting up with all the BS ain’t worth it.

Late night inspiration
1. Keep full time job/make bank
2. Get back in shape
3. Buy a g35
4. Finish school
5. Get better at smash and be the second coming of isai.

#2 and #5 are gonna be the hardest.


When I go back to the hotel room at a convention

Actually this is exactly like it was at Evo this year xD

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I hope the degree of customization is very high.

Funny. Probably 85% of the people who reblogged this probably didn’t understand why this is godlike. Anyway, reblogging cause melee.

Fuck it then. I can only rely on myself.



Alright. So, mums being a cunt as usual BUT she told me I have options, she’ll give me 5000 bucks to buy my own car but it will be my own problem. Or. Keep my 2013 corolla, talk to my dad, convince him and explain the mods I wanna do to it and beg for him to let me take full responsibility for…

Tell them, slamming it will increase your cars aerodynamics and will result in better mpg xD